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Name:Crafting the Past
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Community description:historic fiber and needle crafts
A place for fiber and needle crafters interested in retro, vintage, antique, and historical items. For the time being, the time period is fixed at pre-1980-- many of us lived through the 80s and don't want to do it again.

We basically ask that your projects be historically-based or inspired. We definitely will make allowances for historical items made with modern materials because realistically, some authentic materials are hard to find or very expensive.

So show us your crocheted poodle TP covers, your macrame owls, your knitted Victorian sleeves, your day of the week embroidered towels, and your tablet-woven garters!


1. Please be kind and respectful of others (ie don't be a dick).

2. Please place large or multiple images behind cuts.

3. No sales posts. We don't care if you're selling it or your friend's selling it, we don't want sales posts in this community.

4. No deletion of posts or comments. Moderators are responsible for that sort of thing.

5. Constructive criticism, please. That means be helpful, not be mean.

6. No hotlinking! Let me say it again: No hotlinking!
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